Background Verification Background Verification Services Get A Quote We provides comprehensive background screening services that help organizations to mitigate Background Verification Comprehensive and Customizable Verifications Services Get A Quote Customized To Your Needs, KrishnaBrij Global Pvt. Ltd. offers comprehensive range of Background Check Background Verification Individual Verification Self Verification Get A Quote Individual Verification is a process that allows us to gather information about you so we can verify your identity as a person. Discuss Your Project Powerful and Flexible API Get A Quote Our Powerful API gives you an unmatched verification experience Banking Projects Banking Projects Credit Cards & Loans Get A Quote Our Powerful API gives you an unmatched verification experience Gallery Governments Survey Projects Get A Quote Our Powerful API gives you an unmatched verification experience

KrishnaBrij Global Pvt. Ltd.

Onboard people remotely with contactless, paperless verification process using KrishnaBrij Global Pvt. Ltd. – our flagship web platform which helps you customise and automate background verification end-to-end. Get access to the largest corporate, legal, financial, public and proprietary databases. New joiners can seamlessly add their details, upload, sign and submit documents within minutes.

At your end, you can initiate BGV cases individually and in bulk, so your organisation can onboard employees at speed and scale without any paperwork. At our end, we generate reports of your cases in three versions: standard, comprehensive and advanced.

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Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Fin-Tech

These two-to-four-day workshops are designed to help executives in banking, capital markets, insurance, investment services.

IT/ITes Recruiter

Information technology (IT) recruiters find, screen, and hire job applicants in the information technology sector.

Herbal Product

A product made from plants and used solely for internal use is called an herbal supplement.

Transportation, Logistics, eCommerce

Ecommerce logistics, sometimes referred to as elogistics, is the process an ecommerce brand uses to get an order out the door and into the hands of the customer.

Retail, Hospitality, F&B

The food and beverage stores subsector is part of the retail trade sector. Industries in the Food and Beverage Stores subsector usually retail food and beverages merchandise from fixed point-of-sale locations.

HR Recruiter

A human resources (HR) recruiter is a certified professional who is a part of the human resources department.

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We offer identity and background verifications for various candidates - covering employees and contractors, new users, customers, merchants, loan applicants, etc.


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Background Verification Services.

We help companies to save time and resources which allows them to focus on their core job and increase productivity through our solutions that help companies in hiring the right talent and also protect their business by mitigating the risk of frauds and save company profitability and brand through our Background Verification and Screening Solutions.
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Verify and onboard employees, customers and third parties.